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A professional installing a brick using cement

Unlock The Potential Of Your Garden With Andover Bricklayers

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Your Andover garden deserves more than basic slabs. Andover Groundworks & Construction Ltd can help you add life into it with stunning brick features. Our skilled bricklayers are focused on creating beautiful and functional elements. No matter what you have in mind, our skilled team has the expertise to make it happen.

Contact Andover Groundworks & Construction Ltd today to discuss your brickwork needs. Let us help you create stunning brickwork features to rework your home and garden.

A well-decorated porch with a staircase and potted plants all around it.

Expert Brickwork Services

From patios and walls to raised flower beds and custom features, we offer a comprehensive range of brickwork services to meet all your needs.

A brick wall with a hole around it and hanging flower pots

Stunning Garden Walling

At Andover Groundworks & Construction Ltd, our skilled bricklayers are ready to bring your garden to life. We create beautiful brick features, including curved walls, arches, circular designs, and flint infills. Our expertise doesn't stop at the garden – we can also create custom-built fireplaces and exposed brick walls inside your home, complete with built-in lighting if needed.

Versatile Brickwork Solutions

We offer various brickwork services to upgrade your property:

  • Garden Walls: Strong and attractive boundaries for your garden.

  • Retaining Walls: Functional and decorative solutions to hold back soil and create level areas.

  • Conservatory Bases: Solid foundations for your new conservatory.

  • Garages & Outbuildings: Durable structures built to last.

  • Large-Scale Blockwork Construction: For more extensive projects, we have the expertise to deliver.

A brick house with a brick staircase and iron railings
Bricked driveway

Redo Your Patio

A patio can be so much more than just paving slabs. We can turn a plain area into an inviting extension of your living space with decorative brickwork. Our brickwork services include:

  • Raised Flowerbeds: Add depth and beauty to your garden.

  • Water Features: Create a tranquil focal point.

  • Barbeques: Perfect for entertaining guests.

  • Ornamental Brickwork: Various styles to suit your taste and needs.

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Decorative Brickwork for Patios and Gardens - Call Our Bricklayers At 07807 023084.

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